So friday.


My last few weeks at the cafe before I make the move to Los Angeles.

Looking for new places, faces and inspiration!…(also looking to clear out the heaps of stuff in my room…) looking for contacts in cali, info about steady jobs, annd any tips on securing an apartment across the country. :)

Mostly looking to have an awesome summer with my family before I have to leave in a month!

(It’s not Summer yet as I have not had a chance to go swimming..like seriously swimming..I mean yeah, Stacey and I swam in the sticky harbor water by our house, but that was like 3 mins tops..and I feel like I shouldn’t have put my head under. haha)

The move is happening the first week of September if everything goes right, a bit later if everything goes wrong. :)

I have mixed feelings leaving my first salaried position..in life. The Aquitaine group has really taken care of me over the past three years and it does not go unappreciated. They taught me how to hustle, support myself, run a business, connect and network, as well as sell myself, the right way. Part of me feels like I was here for a little longer than I needed to be, but whatever. I have trouble letting go of things, as I find all of it useful. However, change is inevitable, necessary and the most exciting part about this life. Everything is transient anyways, trying to hold on is futile. I have to make room for the new.

Just makes me all feel-y thinking about it…a good and bad thing i guess.

Fellow artists! Keep the pace steady and true and you shall always have shit to do! Don’t get constipated by feelings of inadequacy, modern-day life asks a lot of us. Bills, relationships, hunger are real things that you must take responsibility for! Real things that divide our attention away from only making artwork, all the time, (probably in the foothills, with no one around to distract you)! To be respected as an artist, I feel people want to see you can not only take care of yourself on the canvas, but also taking care of your business. Expression should be a release and reflection of the “living” you are doing. Live in such a way that you would not only respect yourself, but also find interesting. If you do this, your work will reflect that intrigue. There is no “trying” to be unique, if you believe in what you’ve lived and said, the uniqueness is already within you. Let the shit out and then sift through what you make, pull out and expand on the best of it. Uncork yourselves!

Happy Friday, Go make something.


One Response to “FUH-RIDEEEEE! :)”

  1. MJ Warner Says:

    So I just found out you were gone from the cafe..Boo Hoo you will be missed. Your infectious smile and great attitude makes teh days go by.

    Good luck in LA (not my favorite place)

    Have Fun.


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