Beginnings and Bones.

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IMG_20150316_194130_980 IMG_20150402_083040_143     <click me!!!!

So excited for this interactive “Transition” piece!!! click the link above to see it spin!!!

Upcoming projects!

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Hello internet!


The Open Theater Project has asked for some headgear for their upcoming production of, “The Love of the Nightingale” !!!!

From what I can see they seem like a fantastic organization, I’m headed to a production meeting tonight to finally meet all the wonderful people I’m going to be spending the next few months working with. It’s sure to be a productive evening.

Help these guys out and “like” their facebook page!

Exciting milestone for me! Still monger-ing for freelance chalk work/portraiture and the like to expand my funds, still working at the café to stabilize my life, but now I’m being paid a little money for the work I create as a solo artist, by myself, for myself. (Hail to the king, baby.)

Looking forward to working with these respected peers! exciting things ahead!

1546303_10152806355922356_4267565661456907063_n I’m coming for you, nipping at your heels, you know who you are.

good read

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New greenlight menu board!

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Hello Internet.

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Googled around and found this awesome Australian ahtist! Beautiful work.


My Mom’s comin’ up to celebrate her 50th birthday, AGAIN! I love it. She’s bringing a box full of doll heads for me to play with. I’m pumped. How she acquired these heads?! By simply talking to people. I have yet to absorb the full story. Young artist, people are throwing away tons of material, all the time. If you want to do this, just go junking all the time in your spare time, talk to people. You can make some amazing things from amazing crap. haha.

Taking care of business again.



Also: Some New Greenlight Boards!

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Things are happening..again…:)

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So after my Los Angeles adventure, I’ve finally settled back into my grind here in Boston. Been having fun living by myself in a studio apartment for the first time ever in my life…let’s just say I’m naked pretty much 90% of the time..:)

That said, it’s been a battle/blast figuring out how next to put my pen to the page. Nowadays instead sleeping 3 hrs/night because of several benders and chain-smoking a pack of cigarettes, I find my sleeplessness stems from trolling amazon till 2 a.m. looking for cheap material so I can actually get my hands dirty instead of just drawing my dirty art thoughts. :) . Not having internet in my abode for the past 2 yrs has really taken me out of the loop as far as what to do with a computer. Sometimes I feel like one of those “Truman-show”-esque North Koreans in that episode of VICE news where Dennis Rodman and the Harlem Globetrotters were invited..(with cameras) into North Korea..The citizens in the Korean computer lab they tour just stared at the google search page for several minutes, not searching anything, just looking at the searchbar..(it was deduced this was because they probably were not really connected to the internet).. So, Most of the time whilst traversing the web, I just find myself in an Amazon hole..(or “A”-hole..whatever. lol) approachable consumer platform we all can enjoy!

The best thing about Amazon and being an American who owns a computer and has access to the internet is that you can order full-sized display mannequins and have them delivered to you in one box! I finally fulfilled my childhood dreams of having a life-sized Barbie doll with a few clicks of the mouse. I am primarily using her as a stand for my headdresses and I think the future looks promising for our friendship. She hasn’t got a name yet, but I’ve inscribed the words, “this is not a toy..” on her chest so people know not to fuck with her, :)

My Kid brother Sam says if I name her, she gets a soul and then she’ll start talking to me, I think he’s just being a butthead, but it did scare me a little when he said it. As far as the project on her head, I’m really just sharpening and lining up my metaphorical pencils. In lieu of malleable floral wire, I’ve graduated to using coat hangers and corks for the armature of each piece. It’s slow going, but I’m really excited about where she’s headed.

IMG_2075 IMG_2076 IMG_2073


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